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Thermal Paper


We provide an ample range of Thermal Printer Paper for Fax Roll, Food Labels, Airline Tickets, Tags, Dispatch Labels, Bar code labels and many other carbonless applications. Our Thermal Printer Paper exhibits countless features and has number of commercial uses. Manufactured from the premium quality base materials, our Thermal Printer Paper is the perfect blend of efficiency and performance.

Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is a thin sheet of paper that is coat with a thermally-sensitive coating. Paper is make up of a thin layer of polyester and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers that are bond together by a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) adhesive layer.

The paper can be cut and fold to create many shapes and then coated with a metallic or non-metallic layer. The paper is typically coat with nickel, but there are other options including copper, gold, silver and platinum.

Paper product that is sensitive to heat, usually from a thermal printer. It’s commonly use for printing receipts or checks. It is available in rolls or sheets.

Thermal is a thin sheet of paper that is heat to cause the water molecules to move to the surface, evaporating. This paper is use in a variety of ways, such as in cash registers, to take temperature readings, and to measure humidity.

Thermal Printing Paper

Thermal paper is a highly sensitive and fast-drying paper. It has an outer layer of paper with a heat-sensitive coating on one side. It is typically make from a mix of pulp and rayon and has a natural white color.

Coating, which can also be call a substrate, is compose of silver particles, cellulose fibers, and pigments that react with the heat. It has a variety of uses, including for cash register receipts, barcode labels, and point-of-sale receipts.

This product is make from recycle materials, including a product call renewable cellulose.

The paper is design to withstand being in contact with hot liquids and foods without having to worry about causing any damage.

Paper is able to keep the heat in the liquids and foods longer which helps in cooking and even more so in keeping your food safe.

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Blood testing
Eye testing
Count testing machines
R&D machines
ATM machines
Weighing machines

Gabriel - October 3, 2022

The papers are of high quality worth for the money. They have done an excellent job for me till now.

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