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Soft Tissue Paper


Our Tissue Paper is a very specialized product manufactured from 100% recycled waste paper. The standard brightness of our Recycled Tissue Paper is maintained at 80% ISO. It is mainly used for Napkin, Fancy wrapping & packing and Deep Coloring for Decorative papers. We stand in the midst of distinguished tissue paper manufacturers and suppliers based in the Netherlands.

Soft Tissue Paper

Soft Tissue paper is use to remove skin, mucous and debris from the eyes, nose and mouth. The tissue paper is able to remove debris without leaving behind residue or fibers.

We offer soft tissue paper with varying thicknesses and softness. These products are design to be gentle and non-abrasive to the skin.

The soft tissue paper is make of highly absorbent and flexible material which is great for wrapping or cushioning objects. It’s thin and strong so that it’s great for both indoor & outdoor use.

Paper towels, paper napkins, toilet paper – these are the staples of our daily lives. It’s only natural that we’re quick to find ways to reuse them. Kotex® is ideal for wiping down surfaces such as desks, tables and counters. It can also be use to cleanse delicate skin.

Soft Tissue Paper

Soft tissue paper is a type of tissue paper that is commonly use for a variety of purposes. It is use in first aid to help in the process of stopping bleeding, or for general hygiene purposes.

These disposable paper are making from 100% cotton. These paper are an excellent option for all-purpose hand-cleaning. These paper products are design to be use with or without water and can be use for wiping surfaces clean.

It is often use in the medical field as a temporary dressing or as a medium for drawing blood.

It is a special type of paper that is used to cover wounds & burns and help keep the skin healthy. This paper is mostly use by doctors & nurses and also popular among the general public.

It is a thin paper-like material use for various purposes in healthcare and healthcare settings. This type of paper is typically composed of a cellulose base and a coating that protects it from bacterial growth. The tissue paper is commonly use for many purposes including: cleaning and disinfecting, wound care and skin care.

It is a cost-effective, disposable option for those with a limited budget or a high patient load. It is make from a blend of cotton and flax and is hypoallergenic. The paper is ideal for use with the top five of the most common medical disposables: gloves, gowns, drapes, patient bags and masks.


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