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Duplex Paper


We have a a wide range of boards to the packaging industry viz; single and double coated Boards with Grey-Back, white-Back and kraft-Back options, offered in 230 to 600 GSM. The WCPM product range also includes value added products like Cup Stock Board for paper cups and Folding Box boards for high end packaging segment.

Among the uncoated range we offer Grey-Back and kraft-Back boards to the Garment and Footwear industry.

Duplex Paper

Duplex Paper is a standard size paper with two sides. One side is a normal writing side and the other side is a blank side. This product is use for taking notes, drawing, and is useful for many other purposes.

Paper is make from a 50/50 blend of recycle materials, including post-consumer recycle content. Sturdy, with a texture that feels smooth and silky. It is excellent for writing and has a nice, natural color.

Particular paper is create with an unusual, distinctive design that is perfect for making a dramatic statement with a home or office space. The paper’s design is make up of two rectangles, each in a different shade of grey, that are offset from each other. The paper has a strong, distinct, but understate look that can be pair with many different decor styles.

Duplex Paper

This paper is two-side, giving you a clean, crisp sheet that can be reuse over and over. Paper is also make from 100% recycle materials, so it’s eco-friendly too.

Duplex Paper is a fun, easy to use and reliable paper for your desk. Made with 60% recycle paper and 100% recycle fibers, this paper has a texture, medium weight, and is perfect for all types of writing, drawing, and general doodling.

Product make from 100% recycle materials. It is ideal for projects that require a high level of durability, such as crafting and origami. It is a great choice for creative people looking for a beautiful way to display their work. The paper is acid-free, which means it won’t harm the artwork.

Dup Paper is a durable paper with a rough side and a smooth side. Rough side has a dull matte finish and the smooth side is smooth. The rough side of the paper is a better surface for drawing, sketching, and writing, while the smooth side is better for reading. Arts Paper.

Leo - October 9, 2022

This company is one of the best in the field. I can’t say anything bad about them. They work quickly and effectively. Every time papers have been delivered even before the deadline.

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