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Arts Paper


We offer arts paper, art card, and art board from the best mills. The quality is widely accepted around the world and Jalles Paper and board grades are beginning to be exported in large quantity to markets such as the Malaysia, Germany and Brazil. Jalles Papers only makes good quality art paper above 80GSM. Very good quality starts above 100GSM and goes up to about 300GSM.

Arts Paper

Arts Paper is the practice of creating sculptures, paintings or other forms of art using paper. It can range from delicate and detail drawings to bold, large-scale, 3-D creations. There are many different kinds of arts paper art that can be create by cutting, folding and collaging.

From origami, a new paper-art movement has emerge that is design to reduce waste and help protect the environment. Since the invention of paper, artists have use the medium to create intricate, intricate designs. The artists were using a technique call stenciling.

The stencils are made of paper and are either hand draw or print onto paper with a stenciling machine. The artist uses the stencils to create designs on the paper, which are then transfer onto another surface with a light, heat, or pressure. Xerox Paper.

Colored Arts Paper

The postcard-size images, which range in subject matter from skyscrapers to seashells, are typically made of paper, clay, or other materials. They are print using a variety of techniques, including silk-screening, stenciling, and even dye-sublimation.

Paper art is a fun and easy craft project that anyone can do. It can be use to decorate rooms, add a personal touch to gifts, or create greeting cards. Paper art can be make with anything that can be fold into a triangle or a square.

Our handmade paper art is create using the finest papers, textures, and colors. All of our pieces are hand-craft with love and passion. We love to give our customers a variety of products to choose from.


1.Light-weight, Easily Transported and Processed;
2.Smooth and Easily Printed and Filmed with kinds of colors;
3.Good Plasticity, Excellent thermoforming material;
4.High Impact and Fireproof;
5.Anti-chemical Corrosion, Non-Toxic;
6.Mositureproof, Water-proof and Good Heat Preservation;
7.Good Sound Insulation and Shock Absorption;
8.Unfading and Anti-aging;
9.Many ways of processing such as drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, cementing and jointing etc.

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Thanks. My paper was very good. I did not have to edit it because it was perfect.

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